"I have completed other personality reports before, but this particular assessment offered tools to help me better understand myself and interact with others in a personal and, professional, capacity. I have shared this assessment with my colleagues at work and they are looking into completing their assessments too!"

Elizabeth Law

"I found the personality test to be so worthwhile. I love the content of the results package and how it helps us learn how to use our strengths improve on our blind spots and how it all relates to other personalities in our day to day work/life. As a facilitator you did an amazing job of highlighting why each personality type is so special and valued to any workplace. I look forward to working through mine more and using our team chart for future recruitment for the association. "

Leanne Hawco
Executive Director

"At first I was kind of skeptical thinking how do selecting words tell me about who I am?! Well let me tell you, I was absolutely blown away by the results that it made me cry to see how accurate they truly are. It brought to light how I am wired and why I do things the way I do. It has also helped me to better understand and interact with my co-workers and family members. I bought into the personality test so much that I even purchased the teen version for my two children. I highly recommend doing the personality test and getting at least the 6 page results. If you want to really improve and learn more about yourself and how to better interact with other personality types I would recommend purchasing the 63 page report. Thank you Colette, for being an amazing person! "

Tammie Tuccaro
Membership & Finance Coordinator

"The personality test I completed with the UpCloseTeam was very enlightening. It is so important to know your strengths as well as your weakness’ so you can continue to grow and improve as an individual. I could not believe the accuracy of this test. Everything the test described about me was completely valid. This test also revealed things to me that I may not have ever known. Things that could have been a blind spot and harboured my ability work well with others. This insightful tool also helps you better understand the people in your work environment and promotes a sense of harmony by providing you with strategies on how to work with different personality types."

Lena Anikina
Adminstrative Assistant

Leaders …

if you have been frustrated or have been left wondering about what your team, clients or bosses are thinking … you are not alone.

In fact, we’ve been there ourselves, but we have found a way to make sense of the “people puzzles” in our lives. We found the Ultimate Discovery System available through Dr. Robert Rohm’s Personality Insights, Inc.

And now … the UpCloseTeam makes the Ultimate Discovery System available to you and to your team.

Information learned by leaders about themselves and others through their Personality Leadership Report and applied at work, home and community helped them to:

  • Reduced stress
  • Minimize conflict
  • Build trust
  • Reinforce and restore relationships
  • Enhance the ability to connect with others
  • Decrease employee turnover
  • Maximize team performance
  • Boost sales

The UpCloseTeam is pleased to provide you with this opportunity to receive your personalized Personality Leadership Report.

Ideal for leaders and those interested in leadership development, the Personality Leadership Report features a revolutionary leadership model that provides you with new understanding on how to best lead yourself and others.

Your personal powerful 63-page Personality Leadership Report is made instantly available to you following completion of an easy and quick (15-20 minute) on-line assessment.

Your practical and easy to understand Report provides you with the type of foundational information you need to work better with others by gaining this new level of understanding and insights into first you and then others.

“If I understand you and you understand me, doesn’t it make sense that we can work more effectively together?”

– Dr. Robert A. Rohm, PhD.


Personality Leadership Report

Adult and Teen Versions

Why guess when you can know?

Concise 12-page Teen Version

A great value for teens. Includes an introduction to the DISC model, words that describe, strengths, keys to growth, characteristics as a team member.

Teen Version Report

Concise 6-page Adult Version

Provides essential feedback on your personality style, your strengths and how to be your best. Includes your personality profile graph.

Adult Version Report

Standard 30-page Adult Version

Adds expanded feedback on motivational drives and ways to communicate better. Includes enhanced description, your communication style and more.

Standard Adult Report

Extended 50-page Adult Version

Adds more visual charts, guides  relating to others in more productive ways. Adds stress potential graphs & more insights on the major personality styles.

Extended Adult Report