Situational Leadership® II

Do you know your leadership style? What motivates you and your team members at work? What would leading at a higher level look, sound and feel like in your organization?


So, what is Situational Leadership® II and how can it help me? The Situational Leadership ll model is a framework for increasing performance toward accomplishing individual, team and company goals. This is all done through partnering with the people you work with. In order to be truly effective, leaders need to be able to match each person's development level with an appropriate leadership style.

Key Points:

  • All performance goes through a predictable sequence as people develop.

  • All people and teams go through predictable stages of development.

 We describe individuals going through the Development continuum as :

D1 - Enthusiastic Beginners

D2 - Disillusioned Learners

D3 - Capable but Cautious Contributors

D4 - Self-Reliant Achievers

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On-line Program

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In partnership with the Blanchard Institute Jon and Colette Close are certified facilitators for the Situational Leadership® II MODEL since 2016.


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