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We deliver coaching, mentoring, and training that meets the real-world needs of business and non-profit leaders. We are leaders of transformation and personal growth.


Non-Profit Solutions

Do you want to gain a better understanding of your role as a board member, executive director, or lender? The UpCloseTeam's Non-Profit Solutions will help equip you, your team, and business with the appropriate knowledge and skills to reach your full potential.


Leadership and Personal Growth Principles

Ready to learn more about building relationships, personal growth, or transformational leadership? These comprehensive courses will empower you to become the best you can be in both your personal and professional life.


Client Testimonials

"All the life skills, coaching and mentoring provided by the UpCloseTeam has been nothing short of excellent."

- Tracey P.

"I trusted Jon's knowledge because he backed up his content with real life examples. I thoroughly enjoyed that part! Though the material is delivered at a quick pace, we were provided with ample opportunity to question and share. I'm sure I will refer to the resources on a regular basis."

- Carmen J.

"Following the delivery of the 1-day Board Governance Leadership workshop, I received great feedback from all board members. They found the content very helpful in understanding their role. They are more confident in participating in the conversations and they better understand the board package content and the policies needed."

- Anonymous, Board Chair

"The Developmental Lending course was a great experience and provided me with man tools with which to do my day-to-day work. I look forward to utilizing the tools provided to improve my efficiency as a developmental lender."

- Keith A.

"Colette provided an open and safe space for us to share our personal experiences and learnings arising out of the topics covered in the personal growth course. Thank you Colette for taking us through an amazing journey and your warmth in every session."

- Clara M.
Nigeria, West Africa

"The information presented was so on point it was unbelievable. Colette's leadership style and ability to involve each of us and bring us together as it related to the information was paramount to us all getting what we needed from the information in this course."

- Shellene D.

"I found the personality test to be so worthwhile. Colette did an amazing job of highlighting why each personality type is so special and valued to any work place."

- Leanne H.


Who We Are

Our goal is to work with non-profits, businesses and individuals to become stronger leaders and build their teams. We do this through comprehensive coaching and training programs that focus on personal growth, leadership development, board governance, and lending opportunities.