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Welcome to CF Place

"Very informative, insightful and valuable training. "

Cheryle R.

"Excellent material. Easy to understand and applicable to all participants. "

Larry H.

"Awesome instruction from an experienced trainer. "

Chris G.

"You brought a great understanding of the issues facing entrepreneurs and your expertise and leadership will certainly be missed. "

Daphne Meredith
Deputy Minister, Western Economic Diversification Canada

" We have worked with each other off and on over the years, and I have always appreciated your leadership and wise counsel. Under your leadership, Alberta CFs have been drivers of much positive change that has occurred in the program over the years.” "

Jim Saunderson
Assistant Deputy Minister, Western Economic Diversification Canada

Success Principles of Great Boards

Do your board members lack engagement? Are they confused about their role? Prepare them to lead more effectively with this easy-to-access on-line training program.


Governing Your Greatest Asset

Does your board understand its role in governing your loan portfolio? Prepare your loan committee to perform its role effectively with this easy-to-access on-line training.


The Mechanics of Financial Statements

Do your board members know how to read & interpret CF audited financial reports? Help them learn how to assess the fiscal well-being of your organization in this program.



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