The Power of Owing Your Failures

mistakes Jul 30, 2019
Owning Your Life

Life can leave us with the impression that responsibility is a thing given to us. Nothing could be further from the truth. Real responsibility is a thing we take. You might be given a promotion or an exciting new job in a growth industry, but those are only opportunities. Success is something different and the cost of success is responsibility.

Taking responsibility includes the good moments and the ones that are more challenging. It means owning your life, your actions, your mistakes and your growth. The only real power any of us has is the power to be responsible for ourselves.

Ask How, Not Why

When something difficult happens, it's tempting to complain about unfairness. You've probably noticed that complaining tends to be all talk and little action. Complaining is disempowering. Taking responsibility puts you in charge.

This is a matter of attitude and focus. Rather than asking why things happen, we get more leverage out of asking how. This is especially true in...

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If you don't learn from your mistakes, why make them?

mistakes Aug 01, 2018

No one likes to make a mistake. I know I certainly don’t. But it happens to all of us. Some mistakes are the result of a poor choice.

Other mistakes are just dumb. They happen during a temporary lapse of attention, and afterwards we can see how easily they might have been avoided.

A few years ago in the early weeks of December, I made a dumb mistake. For a moment, I did not pay attention. As a result, a person I value might have felt uncomfortable and just as he was starting a new role.

Lucky for me, the person in question has a great sense of humour.

It was my job to organize a gathering of board members from across Western Canada. We began with a networking dinner, which was to be followed by meetings the next day.

I selected an appropriate restaurant and arranged for the menu in advance.

People arrived in cabs I'd organized. The networking was great, the dinner was delicious, and the atmosphere was fun.

Everyone thanked me as we were heading out the door. I hailed some cabs...

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