Raise Your Leadership Lid

servant Jun 15, 2017

No doubt you’ve heard that the key to business success is: "location, location, location."

Certainly, location is one key to business success. But during my experience as an entrepreneur and my thirty-plus years of being a consultant, investor and banker to small businesses, I've found that the key to success goes by a different mantra: "management, management, management."

Ask any venture capitalist or angel investor what they look for in a business investment. The answer will always be "management".

Sure, investors and bankers are looking for a good business idea in a growth orientated industry producing strong cash flow. But they will be more interested in an average business idea backed up by a great management team than a great business idea with an average management team.

Try replacing "management" with a related but more focused word: "leadership". Now you have a mantra with real power. In his book entitled, "The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership", John C. Maxwell...

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